Inheritance is the award-winning horror comic series created by James D. Schumacher III and co-created by James Burton.


Inheritance: Prologue


Inheritance: The Binding of Three #1


Inheritance: The Binding of Three #2

INHERITANCE IS OUT OF PRINT. Copies of the book will no longer be produced or sold.

Created in late 2013 as a way of harnessing the real life pain of watching his mother struggle to overcome cancer numerous times throughout his life and her unexpected; James Schumacher wanted to tell a horror story that was unlike any other before. A horror story grounded in reality, a story about real emotions, real pain based around his life. As a child James and his mother bonded through horror stories, The Twilight Zone and were inseparable as from a young age he learned the art of writing and storytelling from his mother.

June 8th 2009 James’ mother passed away unexpectedly after being given a clean bill of health by her doctors. In the days leading up to her death, James’ mother began to talk about her imminent death, and it was his skepticism to his mother’s predictions that sparked the concept of Inheritance. A story about a mother and son struggling to come to terms with the immediacy of death.

Initially James worked together with James Burton, a storyboard artist he had employed on numerous films, to do the artwork on the first three issues of Inheritance. After reading the script given to him, Burton said he loved the concept and that he would work with James Schumacher to bring the script to life.

Work commenced on Inheritance early 2014, and under the guidance of James Schumacher, James Burton began to draw the artwork and upon completion of the artwork, James D. Schumacher III submitted the book for an award show. Inheritance won the award for “Best Artwork” at the 2014 AOF, against strong competition such as the vehicular designer and storyboard artist of Mad Max: Fury Road.

After winning the award, Inheritance began to accelerate, and soon after it began to sell out every single comic con, breaking all expectations of other comic creators. Inheritance’s grounded story based on reality gave readers everywhere something to connect to beyond the “Escapism”.

Soon word of mouth spread and media outlets began to pay attention to the story behind Inheritance and fans began to seek out James Schumacher at comic cons. Continuing to exceed expectations, the series garnered a loyal fan base, and with every comic con new fans were made, and more and more, people began to share their personal stories of cancer.


After James Burton unexpectedly quit Inheritance in 2016, James Schumacher began the search for not only an amazing artist, but the right artist to bring Inheritance to life. 2017 brings Inheritance into the stratosphere with brand new artist, Marco Roblin and Letterer Dezi Sienty (Known for his work on DC’s Batman, Justice League). Marco is known for his high quality and cinematic visual storytelling and Dezi is known for his beautiful and expertly crafted lettering. Marco’s first Inheritance book is due out mid-2017.

Artist Marco Roblin

Currently, Inheritance unites people together in a way that very few comics can. Giving people the abject horror they seek, but giving them a down to earth story of a son struggling to come to terms with his mother’s impending death. It’s a story that defies all the odds, breaks the molds and refuses to tread where other people have gone before.

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James D. Schumacher III with his mother, Jacqueline Marie Schumacher, 1989.

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James D. Schumacher III with his mother, Jacqueline Marie Schumacher, 2006.


James D. Schumacher III, 2016

What started out as a way to cope with his mother’s death and give life to her legacy far after her death has gone on to touch the lives of many people and still continues to do so to this day. One of his mother’s wishes was to create a book that children could love and adults could identify with and in doing so, she hoped to inspire millions of people.

Inheritance: The Binding of Three #2 is set for release early 2017 through the Schumacher 3 Store and will release as a trade paperback through Amazon and Barnes and Noble.


Inheritance follows the story of the Christensen family across multiple generations as the demonic and malevolent reach of their family’s darkest secret, the vile patriarch Walter, besieges them. Walter gathers his strength in the darkness of our world waiting as the family tears itself apart through fear and skepticism ushering in the perfect storm allowing Walter to emerge once more into the world to carry out the ultimate evil against his family, blood atonement.

The veil between our world and the other place thins for Serling Normandy just as his mother predicted, sending Serling’s own incredulous understanding of his reality into a tailspin. In confronting what his ‘Inheritance’ is, Serling sets into motion a chain of events that give rise to the demonic scourge of Walter, and threatens the life of not only his mother, but his own in the process.