Of Devils and Men

Of Devils and Men is the award-winning black and white graphic novel series created by James D. Schumacher III with artwork and lettering from Ken Knudtsen the artist responsible for SLG’s My Monkey’s Name is Jennifer and Marvel’s Wolverine.

Of Devils and Men

Locomotive 689 Charleston ferrying refugees through the burnt wastelands.


Creator James D. Schumacher III on the set of “The Astronaut”

DSC_3608 (1)

Artist and Letterer Ken Knudtsen at his art gallery.

First written as a screenplay by James D. Schumacher III in 2011 following an extensive bout with depression after the unexpected and tragic death of his mother; Jacqueline Schumacher. Describing the year of 2009-2010 as his lost year, James struggled to find a balance between absolute despair, seething animosity towards everyone in the weeks and months after her death.

As the year grew long, and James stopped creating and the depression took hold, he caught a podcast by Joe Rogan about Isolation Tanks and their benefits for depression. A couple days later he experienced his first float, then a couple days after that he did a three hour float and in here the first images from Of Devils and Men appeared.

Over the next three weeks, Of Devils and Men came to life on the page and James began to weave his real life emotions and problems into the characters on the page. Once finished James sent out the script to several people who all were elated, who recommended he submit the script for an award show.

Of Devils and Men ended up taking top prize for “Best Horror” at the Action on Film Festival in LA.


Award for “Best Horror Feature”


Film Conceptual Artwork by Laurel Weil

11884718_1037804412904503_821720128317972327_o (1)

James D. Schumacher III with his mother, Jacqueline Marie Bennett-Schumacher.

After spending months searching for the right artist for Of Devils and Men, James met Ken Knudtsen at Eternal Con in 2016. Both exchanging some drinks and stories from other comic conventions, James after seeing Ken’s artwork pitched the concept of an ultra-violent horror western and a month later Ken agreed to craft the artwork for the book.

Of Devils and Men is set in the 1880’s and takes place after a great cataclysm consumes the world in fire. Survivors of the fire, refugees, have taken to the steam locomotive, 689 Charleston, to outrun the fires and the carpet of death that endless pursues the train.

DSC_3608 (1)

Artist, Ken Knudtsen


Wolverine, Marvel. (Artwork by Ken Knudtsen)


My Monkey’s Name is Jennifer, Slave Labor Graphics, (Artwork by Ken Knudtsen)

Production on Of Devils and Men with James and Ken gearing up for their upcoming kickstarter campaign to bring the project to the masses in early 2017.

James and Ken have received an immense amount of press relating to Of Devils and Men which you can listen to below. Details on the kickstarter campaign will release shortly.