The Astronaut

The award-winning film by James D. Schumacher III, produced by Jon Hollis, Ford Austin and Matt Sconce, starring, John Moeslein, Aidan Aaron and Connie Jo Sechrist.


Still from The Astronaut


Still from The Astronaut


Still from The Astronaut

The Astronaut was born from the very real personal pain of James D. Schumacher III having to sit down with his father in the intensive care unit, while his father was dying. Forced to ask his father the unthinkable, would he want to be resuscitated should he go code blue again, his father shook his head “No.”. ┬áIt was at this moment, while he held his father’s hand as he lay dying, that the image of a father and son standing on the moon together popped into his head.

As a child, James never got to enjoy much of the father and son activities, as his father worked so much to keep his wife alive throughout her numerous fights with cancer. This absence had a lasting impact on the relationship James and his father shared, and it wasn’t until after his mother passed away that both father and son would rekindle this bond.

A few years after the passing of his mother, the above mentioned tragedy took place and thankfully, James’ father survived through what the doctors described as a “Miracle” and that they ” Have no idea how he’s survived this long.” Strength is what his parents embodied in themselves and instilled in their children, and it’s the heart of this film.

James wanted to tell a story that really hasn’t been seen in short films, a story that would be told in reflections, a story that would involve real emotions, a story that an audience member can find themselves in. The Astronaut wrapped in late 2014 and premiered at the NOHO Laemmle 7 Theaters for it’s academy qualifying run. The response was incredible and The Astronaut received rave reviews.

The next stop for The Astronaut was the prestigious Festival de Cannes short film corner, and it’s continued expansion to new audiences in other countries.


The Astronaut has proven to be a film that continues to grow with every festival it attends, and every fan that escapes into the world of the film. It’s also the only film that James Schumacher has made that has ever made the military man, his father cry, which is the greatest honor James could ever receive.

The Astronaut is currently going to be at the Covellite International Film Festival along with James Schumacher and the film will be released online early 2017. View the trailer below.